Population Of Townsville 2017

Sprawling between an agonizing red slope and a blue sea, Townsville is a clean and generally advanced spot with many things to offer: Brilliant galleries, a gigantic aquarium, world-class diving, two noteworthy sports teams, energetic nightlife and an unending esplanade. It is a friendly city, and its terrific, renovated nineteenth century structures offer heaps of points of interest – in the event that you do get lost, the local people will be just excessively upbeat to help you out. The city has an energetic, youthful masses, with many students and military individuals blending with old fashioned local people with 320 days of daylight for every year.

Population Of Townsville 2017


Talking about population, in order to check out the population of Townsville in 2017, we need to have a look at the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2012 –171,824
  2. 2013 –175,202
  3. 2014 –177,422
  4. 2015 –180,333
  5. 2016 – 184,101

The population of Townsville in 2017 is forecasted to be 184,101 + 3755 = 187,856. So, the population of Townsville in the year 2017 as per estimated data = 187,856.

Townsville Population 2017 – 187,856 (estimated)


The rate of males to females in the city is right around 50/50. 49.9 percent of them are males, while 50.1 percent of the population is female. The average age of occupants is 33 years while 21.1% of the population is 0-14 years old and 9.8% of the population is more than 65. 44.1% of its populace are married and 39.4% were never hitched. 12.4% of the occupants are divorced or separated.


The population density of Townsville is 1061 persons per square kilometer. The number of inhabitants in Townsville is more youthful than the midpoints for both Queensland and Australia. This is somewhat on the grounds that there is a high turnover in the population. The taxpayer supported organizations and armed force base imply that a large number of the employments get short to medium term occupants. There are mine workers who live in the Townsville for a brief time frame and leave, and don’t bring their families and move for all time to the city. These kind of mine workers, who don’t move, can moderate the development of a city. The city keeps on growing at a moderate rate of around 2-3%. This rate of development is moderate, however it is still faster as compared to the overall growth of Queensland.


  1. Townsville has upheld Australia’s defence in war and peace for over 130 years and its air terminal still assumes a vital part, staying as an operational aviation based armed forces base with Australian Fighter airplanes routinely heard and seen conducting practices over Townsville.
  2. The city is the first to present guided Segway visits through a National Park in the nation, with individuals welcomed to bounce on two wheels to investigate greenery and sea views via the Town Common Conservation Park. The National Park is a place for the district’s most delightful wetlands and offers guests various chances to spot local winged creature and animal species.
  3. Popular for the best swimming hole in Townsville, Paluma is likewise an extraordinary spot for bird watching, picnic, strolling, BBQ etc.
  4. It is home to the world’s biggest living coral reef aquarium.
  5. The city is located in the dry tropics locale of Queensland and gloats over 300 days of sun, which implies you’ll have to bring some good sunscreen.

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