Population Of Hervey Bay 2017

Hervey Bay is a city in Queensland, Australia. The city is located around 290 kilometers or 3½ hours expressway drive north of the state capital, Brisbane. It is a characteristic bay between the Queensland territory and nearby Fraser Island. The economy depends on tourism which is based fundamentally around whale viewing in Platypus Bay toward the North, access to Fraser Island, open recreational angling and sailing and the characteristic north-bound, quiet shorelines with wide undeveloped foreshore zones.  The bay attracts a lot of tourists from within the country and outside.At the 2011 Australian Census the city recorded a populace of 48,680. It is a territory of high population growth. The city has an average age of 45, fundamentally higher than the national average, which is around 37.

Population Of Hervey Bay 2017


Talking about population, in order to check out the population of Hervey Bay in 2017, we need to have a look at the population of the past 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2012 –50,000
  2. 2013 –50,783
  3. 2014 –51,248
  4. 2015 –52,288
  5. 2016 – 53,328

The population of Hervey Bay in 2017 is forecasted to be 53,328 + 1100 = 54,428. So, the population of Hervey Bay in the year 2017 as per estimated data = 54,428.

Hervey Bay Population 2017 – 54,428 (estimated)


In 2008, Hervey Bay was the quickest developing measurable division in the nation. Conjectures foresee the number of inhabitants in Hervey Bay will increment to 102,000 in 2026, a close multiplying from 2006 figures. 91.7% of individuals living in Hervey Bay communicate in English. The other top language spoken  are 4.3% others, 0.7% German, 0.3% Dutch, 0.2% Italian, 0.1% Tagalog, 0.1% Hindi. 77.7% of occupants living in the district of Hervey Bay were born in Australia. The other immigrants are 7.2% United Kingdom, 3.5% New Zealand, 0.8% Germany, 0.5% South Africa, 0.3% India, 0.3% United States of America, 0.2% Canada.


The population density remains at 22.17 persons per square kilometer. Hervey Bay developed from 35,392 individuals in 2001 to 49,948 in 2011. This was a development of 14,556 individuals. Proceeded with solid growth has seen Hervey Bay’s population skyrocket from just 30,000 in 1991 to roughly 54,500 in 2006. Patterns demonstrate this development rate – one of Australia’s most elevated – will proceed.


  1. In the 1870s, numerous Scandinavian pilgrims moved into the territory and for a brief span Hervey Bay got to be known as Aarlborg. Right now the zone was essentially utilized for dairy cultivating.
  2. The main changeless white pioneer at Hervey Bay was Boyle Martin who, with his significant other and youngster, touched base in 1863. He worked cutting timber and it is recommended that he was the main individual to develop sugar stick in the territory.
  3. It was in September 1977 that the joined towns were announced the Town of Hervey Bay and the territory was at last named a city in February 1984.
  4. A picturesque 3 ½ hours drive north of Brisbane and just 45 minutes via air from Brisbane, Hervey Bay is an effortlessly available occasion destination.
  5. The city has a magnificent subtropical atmosphere. Temperatures range from 14 to 23 degrees Centigrade in winter and 22 to 29 degrees Centigrade in summer.

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